Four Ways to Soothe Your Spirit During the Holidays


Ever notice that when you’re in the throes of doing ten things at once and someone tells you to relax, it can have the opposite effect? That’s because the advice just comes as a reminder that when you are overwhelmed it feels like there’s simply too much to do, and not enough hours in the day to do it!


This is precisely why Aveda’s time-sensitive self-care rituals are so important over the holidays. And starting on October 30th, there will be two limited-edition holiday sets on counter that can make feeling soothed quick and easy.


“In Experience Centers, we’ll offer an experience with our new Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme with comforting Candrimā™ aroma of certified organic ginger and ginger lily,” says Shelley Bawiec, Director of Retail Skin Care Education at Aveda. Specifically, a guest who walks into an Experience Center may choose to be shown hand massage movements with the lotion.


Those who want more can request an “elite” experience, a (still speedy) sit-down ritual featuring Candrimā™ body care in which the guest will get her hands washed in a bowl of warm water with Candrimā™ Creme Cleansing Oil. After the hands are dried, we will demonstrate beautiful hand and forearm massage movements using Candrimā™ Body Moisturizer.



The Limited-Edition body care collection, Candrimā™



Of course, if you feel you’re too strapped for time to enjoy even a minute-long relaxation ritual in store, you can recreate the experience at home. Shelley recommends using either our new limited edition Rosemary Mint Body Polish and Composition™ Oil, the limited edition Candrimā™ Creme Cleansing Oil and Body Moisturizer to begin or end the day in a soothing way. Both are only available for the holiday season.


“With the Rosemary Mint Body Polish and Composition™ Oil, focus on touch, as the composition oil is meant to be used for massage,” says Shelley. After showering, she suggests applying the Rosemary Mint Composition™ Oil using circular motions at your joints and long, fluid back-and-forth motions in between. When you’ve finished, sit in a comfortable space and place an additional few drops of the oil onto the back of your neck. Then, inhale, lifting your chin to the sky, and exhale, dropping your chin to your chest. Again, inhale, bringing your head back to center, and exhale turning your head to the right then left. Next, exhale dropping your right ear to your right shoulder and switch sides. Finish by bringing your head back to center.


If you prefer to multi-task, during your shower, massage Candrimā™ Creme Cleansing Oil into a lather in your hands, then cup them over your nose and breathe in the aroma of organic ginger and ginger lily. Next, cleanse your body while taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths. After your shower, apply Candrimā™ Body Moisturizer. Massage it into your skin, once again using circular motions at the joints and long-fluid strokes back-and-forth in between. During your massage, continue to breathe deeply, acknowledging any feelings of anxiety that arise as you inhale, and letting go of these feelings as you exhale. Close your meditative ritual with the intention to practice accepting and then letting go. There, isn’t that better?



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